Refer a friend to Mathsman

Referal Cash-Back

Get 10% cash back if you refer a friend to Mathsman!

When you refer a friend to the Mathsman website, give them your username. There will be a place on the registration form where they can enter your username. Once they have enrolled for a course you will receive a 10% cash back.

Win a Bursary

Bursaries at SWPS

Somerset West Private School is a proud user of Mathsman.

In collaboration, we are making a full scholastic scholarship worth R60 000 available at Somerset West Private School for 2016 to the top performing Core Maths learner!

There are also other exciting bursaries available to achieving Core Maths learners.

Win an iPad Mini for top maths improvement marks

Win an iPad Mini

Congratulations to Pieter Pienaar who won the iPad Mini for the best progress and overall maths improvement.