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Mathematics is generally not considered a passion among most young people...

However, this is not the case when it comes to Morne Coetzer, founder and brainchild behind the Mathsman online project. Drawing on his unrivalled passion for everything mathematical, Morne has created a program dedicated to helping students cope with problem solving, and hopefully enjoy the subject he feels so strongly about.

Morne, Headmaster of the Somerset West Private School also has a 100% pass rate at the school due to his maths teaching methods. He also understands that with mathematics, all children work at their own personal level. It’s a matter of "practice makes perfect", and to keep working at a problem until you understand it and have mastered it. Students can now reap the benefits of his teaching methods from the comfort of their own home.

Easy, Simple and Effective Maths Lessons

Mathsman offers easy access to Maths lessons that suit every learner’s personal level and current academic standard. You are now able to use these excellent learning tools to access previously untapped potential and unlock the keys to get the marks you deserve. For simple and effective learning, utilise Mathsman and see the results.

Morne Coetzer from Mathsman | Maths Tutor
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My life story

I use to be in the bottom of my class in Mathematics, it affected my self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth so much so that I ended up hating Mathematics. Then through hard work over the next 15 years of my life I had finally climbed my Mount Everest (maths).

After conquering this mountain I have found a recipe to succeed in Maths which I have used at my school, Somerset West Private School, for the past 16 years with an outstanding 100% pass rate in Mathematics each year. Here countless individuals learned to conquer their fear of Mathematics and open doors for themselves by obtaining brilliant results. I am your Maths guide, listen to my advice and you too can conquer Maths. As you think so shall you be! If you think you can do Maths, you are right! Do these courses to become a Mathsman!

Morné Coetzer
Founder of Mathsman